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Opening the Tour de France with scooter

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Opening the Tour de France with scooter

Messagepar jenne » 09 Aoû 2011 09:11

I had a dream :)... Do you remember, Hermann Maier opens 2003 the Tour de France with a time trial as a guest star. ( http://www.active.com/cycling/Articles/ ... France.htm )

It could be a nice idea, if Kai Immonen (or anyone who is as fast) would do this on a scooter. Probably somebody could ask the organisation, if this is possible? :)
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Inscrit le: 10 Avr 2011 19:46

Re: Opening the Tour de France with scooter

Messagepar teilles luc » 09 Aoû 2011 13:58

Hello Jenne,
I do it next year, because i've got some friends in the organisation and in the staff of some pro cycling team !
But for instance, it's impossible, but let's try and try again every year !!!
It's a good dream!
teilles luc
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Inscrit le: 17 Nov 2010 18:37

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