2012 Footbike Eurocup

First Round

23-24 June 2012
Miribel-Jonage Big Park - www.Grand-Parc.fr

For the third time, the french eurocup step will takes place closed to Lyon in the beautiful park of Miribel Jonage.
This event is scheduled in the European IKSA calendar.

The main aim of this track event is to make known the scooter practice in term of advantages and benefits for the health but also in term of ecology and safety impact. If some competitors want to break speed record, others will enjoy the discovering of this sport and will appreciate to promote our passion.

TRACK for the endurance is not established yet


Saturday 23th June 2012 :

12h00 : Time Trial : 2,5 km - if the winner is less than the actual best track time (5'28''), he will receive an 200€ money price : Promo Race
13h00: Kids races - urban scooter races or  footbike - from 800m for 4 years old to 2x2,5km to pupills
14h30 : 10 km (4x2,50) IKSA eurocup (cadet, junior, senior, veteran)
15h30 : urban scooter races (200mm max wheels) - adulte race and enterprise : 2x2,5km
16h30 : Team Relay (3x2,5km) : IKSA eurocup
20h00:  dinner

Sunday 24th June 2012

07h00-9h00 : Breakfast
10h00 : 42km: IKSA eurocup

Thuesday 26th June 2012

early in the morning (to be defined exactly) : The ventoux footbike climb - Record race
Arriving at the top of the Mont Ventoux for the sunrise - Magical. Taking the royal way by Bedoin (26km). The reference time is, for now, owned by Luc Teiles in 1h55min

veterans (M/W), seniors (M/W), juniors (M/W), cadets (M/W; only sprint and criterium races).

categories by age:
Veteran: 45+ years
Senior: 18-44 years
Junior : 16 till 17 years
Cadet: 13 till 15 year
Pupille: 10 till 12 years

Races will have the same length for men and women.



Accomodation (tent or camper) cost in the sportive center is included in the registration cost.
Accomodation (tent or camper) in the sportive center in only possible from friday evening till sunday evening.

Advance registration:
We would appreciate if you emailed your registration (name, club, year of the birth and country) by the 30th of Avril 2012:


Update : 1st may :
warning : you can still register until 15th of may

AFTS (Christophe - Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. – +33 6 74 26 59 38)

Safety rules:
All participants have to wear a helmet!

List of registered : click to show the updated list

Accommodation :
We offer a free accommodation with facilities in Miribel Jonage Park. Exactly in the national paddle team training camp !

The advantage of this site is the possibility of free camping with tents or motor-homes/caravans in the same place.
It’s totally secured, closed and full of accommodation like showers and facilities closed to the race places.

Miribel Jonage Park is located in the east side of Lyon, very closed to the down town.
It’s  very easy to access the park from motorways and railways. Saint-Exupery international airport is only at 20 km.

Please, have a look to these web sites and enjoy our beautiful city.

Lyon International website